I'm thrilled to share my Time cover shoot with Senator and Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders that came out today. A huge thanks to Paul Moakley @ Time for the great opportunity.

On an entirely different note, I've been working on a personal project for the past year photographing bonsai trees. This project is near and dear to me - I've loved bonsai for almost twenty years now and feel an incredible sense of awe when I'm around them.

National Geographic gave the photos a nice write-up on their PROOF blog: Visualizing the Meditative Lives of Bonsai.


I'm working on a book of these images and you can see more about the project at the Kickstarter Campaign I've created for it: http://kck.st/1Q69i6v

I hope you're enjoying these last, balmy days of summer. Look for a postcard with some new work in your mailbox soon!