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Photography Exhibition and Book Launch Proposal

for the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum

For the past year, I’ve been photographing the bonsai and penjing trees at the museum. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, I’ve raised the necessary funds to create a high-quality photography book showing these images. The book is currently in the design process and I anticipate it being printed in early 2016.

As I discussed with Dr. Johann Klozden, I’d be thrilled and honored to present an exhibition of these images on Friday, May 13th, 2016. At this event, I would also like to present the book for sale for the first time in public.

I would propose that I come to hang this exhibition sometime in the week prior to that. Included below are mockups of how the prints could potentially be presented in the Exhibits wing as well as in the courtyard outside. Please note that these mockups may not be quite to scale.

The prints would be approximately 20” x 30” and presented on wooden easels as shown. I would anticipate 25-30 images would be shown in total.

The prints would be priced at $400 each and I would donate 25% of the proceeds to the National Bonsai Foundation ($100/print sold). I would have a credit card reader and be able to process sales on site.

After the Friday exhibition, the prints would be taken down and offered to the general public for sale along with the books in the vendor’s tent on Saturday and Sunday.