Any Color You'd Like

Tim Massad TARP

Before David Hicks at Washingtonian Magazine approached me to do this series of portraits, I'm not sure I'd had an image published in monochrome since I was freelancing for the newsprint-ed Willamette Week in Portland, Oregon.The assignments have taken me from sunny Winter Park, Florida to the Poetry Office of the Library of Congress. The majority of my work is environmental portraiture and I'm used to working with my surroundings in a way that reflects something of my subjects. Most of the work I've done on white seamless paper has been for quick headshots (and the occasional oil-soaked rock) and it took a fair bit of work to really get my head around what these images should be about and how they might be made interesting enough to be worth seeing. In the end, the usual photographic cliches (which, on the whole are almost always true) served me well and I became laser-focused on mood, expression and gesture, ready with a trigger finger to catch something good.

Head of the Trouble Asset Relief Program (TARP) Tim Massad

Davey Johnson

Washington Nationals Manager Davey Johnson

Natasha Trethewey

Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewy

John Morton ICE

Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement John Morton

Dan Yates OPower Teresa Durkin

Opower CEO Dan Yates and Trust for the National Mall Director Teresa Durkin

Recent Photos in Print

Gregg Harper Fragile X Newsweek

Livingston Harper for Newsweek

The gap between shooting a story and actually seeing it in print can be long, and I've learned to treat the assignment as an end in itself, with any resulting tearsheets as an unexpected surprises.

In February, I went down to Mississippi for Newsweek to spend the day with Congressman Gregg Harper's family. Their son, Livingston, has Fragile X Syndrome and Congressman Harper has been an outspoken advocate of the condition and the need for more awareness and funding. The family could not have been more accommodating of having me there and I'm grateful for their patience.

Saya Barkdoll

Saya Barkdoll and her daugher Taylor

The second assignment for the story was much closer to home, and I spent a wonderful afternoon and evening with Saya Barkdoll and her daughter, Taylor at their home in Maryland. Taylor underwent multiple surgeries soon after she was born to correct a number of malformations. She's now an outgoing seven year old who whizzed through her homework with her Mom and proceeded to borrow my camera to take some photographs of her. Michelle Cottle's story is here.

Doug Schulman IRS

IRS Commissioner Doug Schulman for Government Executive

Changing gears a bit, I had a very brief shoot with IRS Commissioner Schulman that resulted in a cover image and spread inside of Government Executive Magazine.

irs commissioner doug schulman

Lastly, I'm immensely honored to have been chosen for American Photography 28, with one of my images from the Closed Car Dealership series. You can see the full slideshow of images here.

Scenes from a DC Walkabout

I've struggled a bit to write about this project, which feels simple in scope, but has become more difficult as I've begun looking over the initial images I've shot.The basic idea is to walk the entire border of Washington, DC which allows me to see a solid cross-section of the city, economically, socially and topographically-- through dense forests and along the rocky shores of the Potomac, approximately 35 miles total. What comes of this is still up in the air, but I'm determined to push through and just finish the walk before spending too much time thinking about it.

To that end, here's a few images from the first fifteen miles.

washington dc border
washington dc border
washington dc border
washington dc border
washington dc border
washington dc border
washington dc border
washington dc border
washington dc border
washington dc border
washington dc border