NPR's First Broadcast from 1111 - Weekend Edition Saturday with Scott Simon

I got a call last week from the folks at National Public Radio, asking if I would be interested in covering the very first broadcast from their new building at 1111 North Capitol Street. Even better, it would be spending the morning with the incredible producers of Weekend Edition Saturday with Scott Simon.

There were a few tense moments as the systems that they had been testing for months, even years finally began pushing live radio out on air, and there was an impromptu cheer as the first segment ended without a hitch.What makes Scott different from so much of what you hear on NPR is the way he opens himself up on air, expresses opinions and seemingly lets you have a look into what's in his heart each week. As much as I love NPR, this approach is atypical and requires enormous strength to remain vulnerable and open as your voice is broadcast to millions of people each week.

While I had a few brief minutes inside the studio and control room, it was such a privilege getting to see this first-hand. I was also witness to him clowning around with his two daughters on breaks, separated from them by the thick sound-proof glass, meaning the communicated through a series of silly gestures and funny faces which had everyone laughing.