sandra day oconnor portrait

Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, did not make the final edit

I quietly launched my new web site two weeks ago and have been making some small tweaks to get everything just right before making it official last week. In addition to larger images, the site is as simple and stripped down as I could manage, while employing some pretty cool tech under the hood (PHP templating system that outputs clean HTML, image preloading to speed up browsing).

But more importantly, the work better reflects what I do right now, the mix of lit portraiture and reportage that make up the majority of my work. I've also put up some new stories that only existed in blog posts or scattered across the web.

With the new backend, I'm committing to regular updates, like a portrait I shot last week.

In addition, I'm regularly updating my Tumblr and Instagram, both of which are nice places for photographs that don't have a home elsewhere. Please do have a look around!