between past and present tense


Morning Patrol at a new resort in Runaway Bay, Jamaica

It's been one of those weeks that's left me exhausted, but thankful again for the places photography has taken me. On Wednesday, I turned a cramped hotel room into a makeshift studio to shoot the cover for a book coming out in May (more on this next Spring). Thursday had me mixing with the paparazzi while covering an event for National Geographic with Ashley Judd. On Friday morning, I flew down to Jamaica and spent the weekend shooting a job on the beautiful northern coast. I arrived back in DC late on Sunday and Monday morning I was up early getting my gear together to cover a WWII veteran's inurnment for a client.

Despite going to college in DC and living here for the last two years, I've never visited Arlington National Cemetery before. On Monday morning, the sky was a hazy blue and it felt like one of the last great Fall days before DC's rainy, cold winter. The leaves were just beginning to fall and scatter, bringing a little bit of disorder to the military-straight headstones that formed perfect rows over rolling hills of closely mowed grass.

The funeral ceremony was brief, but never felt rushed, and after the rifle salute, a lone bugler played Taps. The last note stayed in the air for just a second longer after he finished, echoing across the quiet ground.

arlington national cemetery