A Week of Promotion - Thursday / NEON Tower for Smithsonian.


NEON Tower for Smithsonian Magazine

On a hot mid-July morning, I drove out to the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute to photograph a tower being built deep in the woods. To give some context, as we approached the site, a brown bear ran across the trail about thirty feet in front of us.

The NEON (National Ecological Observatory Network) tower rises 170 feet and its top disappears into the tree canopy. When completed, sixty of these towers around the country will record temperature, carbon dioxide and other measurements in real time, allowing scientists to have study and interpret an incredible amount of data from around the country.

The challenge was figuring out how to get the tower to stand out against the dark, shadowy leaves and I decided it was worth lighting. The results were some of my favorite photos in awhile, and I'm also happy to have a photo run that demonstrated correct use of a tilt-shift lens in fixing the verticals.

The article can be read here and below are a few more I liked: