A Return to Mexico

My first trip to Mexico consisted of an hour-long detour through Juarez as my wife and I took the southern route cross-country to our new home in Washington, DC. We didn't leave our car and felt a general uneasiness and tension that seems to accompany border towns wherever you go.This 2nd trip last weekend brought me to Mexico City for a few days of creative recharging and street shooting. The city has much more of a European feel than I expected, and its history of conquests and blended cultures was evident in the numerous cathedrals and ancient ruins scattered throughout the city. Street shooting is always an exercise in overcoming fear and shyness for me (I'm no Bruce Gilden), but there was a certain light in the city that immediately drew me in and gave me a fearlessness in my desire to absorb as much as I could and come away with some photos that I liked. Below is a small gallery of images from an initial edit.