the world as I remember it


Kodachrome against a 255,255,255 sky

The rich but natural colors of Kodachrome 25 brought grayscale memories into a color age. The memories of the past captured on this emulsion were shaped by the film's tonality. The images are infused with a certain nostalgia for a time and place that feel far away. In my first few working years as a photographer, I burned through hundreds of rolls of Fuji Press 800. Looking at the cool, deep colors of that film, with its minimal grain and great shadow detail remind me of those beginning years in Portland as I tried to figure out the complicated visual language of photography and where I wanted to go with it. I'm mostly disappointed by the technology we now accept to record our present day. Everywhere I look, I see the ugly texture of digital noise from small camera chips, the clipped highlights that whiten so many skies and the slightly blurred, murky video grabs that pervade many news sites and newspapers. The character of these images suggests a certain time period that for me at least started on 9/11 when my wife and I huddled around a computer screen, watching a tiny live video feed on of the towers after the first plane hit. We didn't own a television at the time and watching the second plane hit was confusing, since the online video at that time consisted of a 200px wide image that denied the viewer anything in the way of detail. Yet for better or worse, it's that image, with the small, gray plane that took up just a few pixels as it moved jerkily across the frame and into the second tower that stays with me most when I think about that day.