Early Summer Housecleaning

big pine key in florida keys

8 seconds at low tide in Big Pine Key, Florida Keys

I had a wonderfully restive long weekend in the Florida Keys, doing some swimming and snorkeling with my wife, but mostly just hanging out and marveling at the water color and assorted critters (land crabs, lizards!) that call this strangely un-American-feeling place home.

At the risk of creating some redundancy of linking, I was happy to see the NYT Lens blog link to my Detroit Schools slideshow.

Lastly, my photo of Jared Cohen at the State Department was published in BusinessWeek. Due to security restrictions, I was only allowed to set up in his office, which meant shooting two setups in an approximately 10x10 space that also held his desk, all of my equipment, and three walls covered in photos and documents that couldn't be in the background of any of the photos. This all made for an interesting shoot and it was only Cohen's willingness to climb over a couple of Pelican cases and a light stand bag that allowed me to shoot the second setup.

jared cohen

Jared Cohen for BusinessWeek