In Justice, by David Iglesias

david iglesias, in justice book

Now that the book is up on Amazon, I can proudly share a scan of it I lifted from the publisher's site. Back in October, I received a call about shooting a book cover. I soon learned it was for David Iglesias, one of the Attorney Generals fired by the Bush Administration for "performance-related issues." I couldn't help but think of another recent photo subject who unwillingly was made to stand up to the Bush Administration and suffered the consequences of doing so.

I arrived at our shooting location with a full kit of gear, knocked on Mr. Iglesias's door and was presented with our shooting location:

hotel room

Taking a look around, I was reminded of Arnold Newman's great quote, "Good photography is 1% inspiration and 99% moving furniture." A rearrangement of the hotel room ensued as we cleared out a space and set up the backdrop while Mr. Iglesias was prepped by the makeup artist.

Shoots like these don't always encourage a tremendous amount of creativity (we were working from a book cover template that the publisher had sent us), but the setting presented its own set of challenges and I was glad to come away with a number of shots both the publisher and I liked.