Five Guys for Forbes

five guys burgers

Five Guys father and sons for Forbes Magazine

About a month ago, I had the interesting opportunity to photograph the founder of Five Guys, Jerry Murrell and his five sons at one of the very oldest Five Guys franchises in the country. The best part about this shoot was watching the brothers prepare a burger to be included in the shots. It involved a spirited discussion about proper bun placement, and the vital role of the mayonnaise (helps anchor the bun) and more than one disagreement about tomato placement.

five guys burgers

Matt Murrell preps the burger while brothers Tyler and Ben look on

Another thing that struck me about the family is how much they love the product. We began shooting around 9AM, and by 9:30AM, four double hamburgers and a lot of fries had already been consumed. I would have been a little suspicious that they were just putting on a show for the camera if they hadn't all left with full bags of burgers and fries for lunch afterwards as well.

Shooting larger groups like this can be a challenge in getting everyone to be in the right place, without a mouthful of burger and they all hung on through a warm morning as I shot a little heavier through each setup to ensure I had it in the bag by the time we wrapped up.

The article can be read here including one of my favorite details:

"To this day the entire family meets every Tuesday at 1 p.m. at the Lorton headquarters to talk business. The meetings can get boisterous. "We have soundproofed walls in the meeting room....," says Chad. "We don't want the rest of the office hearing us go at it."

five guys burgers