Failed Presidents, for the Guardian Weekend Magazine

Three months of trips took me through some of the coldest weather I've ever experienced and some of the most interesting interviews I've ever heard. The Guardian Weekend Magazine sent myself and reporter Ed Pilkington to meet some of the presidential candidates who have run and lost over the past thirty years. We went to Mitchell, South Dakota on a frigid January day to interview and photograph George McGovern. Continuing the pattern of visiting cold places during winter, we went to Minneapolis, MN for Walter Mondale and Boston for Dukakis.

The range of experiences shared during the interviews that Ed skillfully conducted gave us a fascinating narrative of what it's like to go through such an arduous, grueling process for months and months and to finish in second place. Quoting from Ed's article, I think Mondale touched on a sense of weariness that I saw in all of the candidates when he said, "....I think it took something out of me. I don't have a clinical explanation, but an edge was gone and I never got it back."