Eugene Kaspersky for Wired

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Russian Computer Security Expert Eugene Kaspersky for WIred

Eugene Kaspersky, Russian computer security expert with a net worth somewhere north of $800 million, walked into the bar in Washington, DC at 9AM ready to shoot. Zana Woods at Wired had reached out to me about this shoot the day before and a last minute schedule change meant shooting in the morning rather than the late afternoon.On a related aside, my past few newsletters have served as small case studies for shoots that I found interesting for one reason or another. My latest newsletter is about this shoot. If you're interested, please do sign up to receive the next one.

eugene kaspersky

This shoot was as much about hustling and some last minute problem-solving as it was about the fun, picture-making part of my job. Kaspersky was an all-time great subject who clearly wanted to portray himself as a sort of James Bond/Indiana Jones swashbuckling adventurer.

eugene kaspersky

The great Wired piece by Noah Shachtman is worth a read. (with Kaspersky's rebuttal here, and the Shachtman's response to rebuttal).