Dr. Joe Hibbeln for EatingWell Magazine

joe hibbeln

Any shoot that starts with procuring a 14 lb. wild salmon is clearly heading in the right direction. Dr. Hibbeln is a researcher at NIH, specifically focused on the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids which can be found in abundance in wild salmon. I started taking fish oil capsules each day with my wife when she was expecting and had a great conversation with Dr. Hibbeln about his research. There's evidence that daily consumption can reduce risks of everything from cardiovascular disease to cancer, and even contribute to better mental health.

Dr. Hibbeln was a great sport for the entire shoot, and I sent him home with the salmon for dinner.Thanks to my friend Jay for setting up this time lapse for the shoot. As you can see, our initial setup with the salmon was just too low, so we propped the table (a bit precariously) on a garbage can to bring it up to waist level and help the shot come together a bit more. Many thanks to Mike Balzano at EatingWell for this assignment.