DC Walkabout, 2nd leg

While it's no great mystery to photographers working on projects, the planning and thought process that goes into shooting something is rarely more than just a vague starting point. Ideas you've had don't pan out and those dream photos bouncing around in your head never quite manifest themselves.

Now that I've completed approximately twenty miles of my walk along the border of Washington, DC, I'm still struck by the sheer different-ness of what I've seen from place to place. In the course of a few days walking, I went from trudging through a swamp with a not insignificant number of large black snakes, to watching the bright, painted tour buses park in long lines near this country's most treasured monuments. But recording the spectacle of what I see hardly makes for a coherent set of images, and I'm still struggling a bit with bringing these disparate scenes together into something. With that said, here's the second set of images from my walk around DC. You can see images from the first part of the walk here.