Ye Olde New Republican Party

cpac conservative political action conference 2010

The Conservative Political Action Conference had a different flavor this year, as the Republican Party grapples with how to embrace Tea Party-ers who bring some serious energy and fund-raising power to a very important election year.

Photographing events like this let me experience some of my very favorite feelings about photography, specifically the ability to peek into a world that feels far removed from my own. And without getting too Family of Man here, these little explorations continually remind me of our commonalities.

Of course, CPAC also brings out the fringe, far-right groups, and this year, they seemed to occupy a larger seat at the table than ever before.

I'm also pleased as punch to announce that my work is now syndicated through Redux Pictures, an agency I've long admired from afar. So in addition to some of my favorites that I've posted below, the full take of my 2010 CPAC photos can be seen in their archive.

scott brown cpac
mitt romney cpac
tea party cpac
liz dick cheney cpac
cpac conservative political action conference 2010
marco rubio cpac
ronald reagan cpac
cpac conservative political action conference 2010