Corey Haas, one year later

Corey Haas Gene Therapy

Last September, I was sitting in a hospital waiting room, watching a nearly blind eight year old boy named Corey Haas as he clung tightly to his mother, tears streaming down his face while a nurse stamped a large, red "X" on the left side of his face to ensure surgery would be performed on the correct eye.

Soon after, I photographed surgeon Dr. Maguire as he made a small incision in Corey's eye and injected billions of copies of genetic code into his retina in an attempt to correct the genetic disorder that prevented Corey from seeing anything past a few inches in front of him.

As I wrote when the story came out, the surgery was experimental, and bore the risk of his eyesight becoming even worse.

A year later, the results are in, and Corey can see.

It's not often that you get to see how a story plays out from beginning to end, and I feel fortunate to have met this family and am in awe of the amazing doctors and researchers whose years of work has resulted in a little boy who can now play baseball and ride his bicycle.

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