Colin Powell and the Limits of Growth

Colin Powell

Colin Powell for Time

Two nice tearsheets were delivered into my mailbox on a sweltering DC day that seems to foretell another hot, southern DC summer. The first, with Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who I photographed for Time. I've had the pleasure of photographing Secretary Powell on a number of occasions and he's always an easy-going and engaging subject. Even better, he laughs at my jokes.

Colin Powell portrait

My second tearsheet was for the corporate magazine Deutsche Post, shooting a photograph of Dennis Meadows at the Cosmos Club. For those unfamiliar with this private social club founded in 1878, it's truly a slice of old Washington, with wood paneled walls, reading rooms for members and a dress code that forbids jeans. While I'm not sure they have any members under the age of fifty, it's rich in history and visual treats.

Meadows co-authored the Limits of Growth in 1972, which has correctly predicted the rise of the human population against a finite limit of natural resources. In person, he's darkly pessimistic about humankind's potential for change and survival. Perhaps not my first choice for a dinner guest.

(Der Mahner means "The Reminder)

Dennis Meadows
Dennis Meadows
Dennis Meadows