China Adoption for Newsweek International


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A few of my images from the China Adoption story I worked on last year have been published. This was a story a long time in the making, and I remember when I first became interested in the rise of international adoption and its implications in a world that is more connected than ever. It took almost a month to find a couple willing to let me come along with them as they began this journey. Karen and Bob couldn't have been more welcoming, patient people as I accompanied them from their home in California to China where they met their daughter, Kailee. I'm very grateful to them for their being willing to open up their lives during those life-changing weeks in March.

In the end, I was happy about the photos I made that told this amazing and important story, and I came away with some new friends and a new understanding about the idea of family. I'm hard at work on a multimedia version of the story with the audio collected along the trip and hope to have that wrapped up by March.