Carry Me Ohio by Matt Eich

matt eich carry me ohio

I've been fortunate to be a part of APhotoADay, a photographic mailing list, for over ten years now and that's where I first saw Matt Eich's work.

From the very first pictures that came across the list, his work had an intimacy to it I rarely see. His first book bears the mark of a photographer who has given himself to his subjects and in return, been allowed access to their every day - the moments between moments when not much but daily living is happening.

There is a weight to these images, to the honest look at hard lives in one of the more economically-bleak areas of the country. But this book is not about the economic downturn, but about specific people who struggle to make their lives work and about a place seemingly designed to make this difficult.

I'd recommend getting this book immediately, but unfortunately it was a limited printing of 100 copies and already sold out. Here's hoping for a 2nd printing so more people can share in Matt's work.