Virginia to Seattle

BusinessWeek Photos

Darden Business Grad Ari Perlman for BusinessWeek

Ari was another one of those patient and willing subjects that make my job easy (at least easy in the photographer-subject relationship department). His story was one I'm guessing I may be shooting often in these times, of a college student whose job prospects are looking dim after graduating from business school. To make matters worse, he was a summer intern at Lehman Brothers and their last check to him bounced. With that said, Ari came across as a sharp, optimistic guy who I'm sure will land on his feet. Shortly after this shoot, I got on a plane to Seattle for another shoot with Underground Ads, an advertising company based in San Francisco who I had shot for earlier this year.

After an emotional shoot at Seattle Children's Hospital, I needed to decompress a bit and decided to walk around the city and do some street shooting. It was non-stop rain for the six hours I wandered the streets as it got dark. The rain made for great scenes and some very wet shoes.