A Week of Promotion - Tuesday / David Jameson for Residential Architect


From the beginning of this shoot, it was clear that architect David Jameson was going to be an active participant, not just a portrait subject. His strong ideas about architecture also carried over to how he thought spaces should be photographed and what resulted was a challenging, but very satisfying collaboration.


Jameson's work is gorgeous and rigorous in its execution, yet the spaces we shot in also felt inviting and comfortable. At his insistence, we ventured to another of his houses, which was currently under construction. In all honesty, we had been shooting with him for three hours and packing up to move to a half-finished house wasn't very appealing or necessarily what we were looking for visually. But we went there anyway, and the quick shoot there as we were losing the sun resulted in the cover image as well as the first image below.

The give and take of the shoot was so atypical of most of my work. Most photo subjects tend to either give themselves over to the photographer or regard the whole process with disdain and subsequently just mentally check-out. Without collaboration, the development of the photo can be one-sided and limited by the photographer's eye. Despite some initial discomfort with giving up a bit of control, it was clear that we accomplished something better together than I would have done on my own and somewhere in there is a lesson to be remembered for future shoots.