Tim Spicer's funeral for Conde Nast Portfolio

conde nast portfolio

It was a cold day in November when I arrived at the Union Temple Baptist Church for Tim Spicer's funeral. I was working with reporter Matt Cooper whose story about Tim can be read here. The family's openness and kindness in allowing me to photograph this aftermath of a senseless murder was humbling and I thought the least I could do was to work as hard as possible in bringing away something meaningful from the service.

The saddest part of the ceremony was watching Tim's son who was sitting right up in front of his father's casket. He would get up off his mother's lap and walk back and forth in the front of the church as speaker after speaker shared stories of Tim's kindness, his warmth and his bright future. It was only after I was editing the photos that I saw he was wearing a t-shirt that read "I Miss You Daddy."

conde nast portfolio

through the palmetto state

south carolina

day 3 in South Carolina

My time in South Carolina was spent in fog and overcast skies, driving down highways lined with pine trees growing in the sandy soil. 1100 miles covered over two and half days and the constant struggle to distill political theater into substance.