Three Audacious Women, for The Washington Post Magazine


My last assignment for The Washington Post Magazine took place five years ago, so I was thrilled to get the call late last year to shoot a few upcoming cover stories the magazine was working on. 


I met Sara Ehrman, Jodie Bernstein and Patricia Wald at Ms. Ehrman's apartment in DC this past November.  All three women have accomplished remarkable things in their lives during a time when very few women held places of power. They faced resistance and discrimination at every step and managed to push through without any hint of bitterness or regret. 


One of my favorite bits from Jodi Enda's story is this:

Accomplishments aside, Ehrman is best known as the woman who tried to dissuade Hillary Rodham from moving to Arkansas to marry Clinton because she thought it would constrain her young friend’s career, a projection the former president ribs her about to this day.

The youngest of the three women (Wald) is 86 and all three continue to work. Their enthusiasm made for a fun, lively night and I'm thankful to all of them, but especially to Ms. Ehrman who allowed me to take over a large portion of her apartment to setup a small studio for the images.

For more, you can read Jodi Enda's story here